Beautiful Ajantaesque Decorative Painting By Mrs.Varsha Kharatmal • İtalyan Dekoratif Boya Uygulama

Beautiful Ajantaesque Decorative Painting By Mrs.Varsha Kharatmal

Beautiful Ajantaesque Decorative Painting By Mrs.Varsha Kharatmal

Varsha Kharatmal is a trained artist, and has held art shows across India.
Varsha Kharatmal’s happy, beaming smile bespeaks her bubbling enthusiasm and exuberance for life. But that isn’t all that makes Varsha special. A painter of extraordinary sensitivity and skill, Varsha was born deaf. Her art speaks for her, expressing all that she cannot say in words.

Varsha’s father, an art teacher, was the first to recognize the flowering of her artistic genius.Chosen by her father to carry on his legacy in art, Varsha grew up with paintings, photography and calligraphy. She says her decision to be a painter was not so much a defining moment as the inclination of a lifetime coming to its natural fruition. But her journey had its difficulties. After school, Varsha had to take the sudden leap from a school for hearing – impaired students to a regular Art College. The talented artist, unable to hear theoretical lectures, had to rely solely on textbooks and notes to get her through college.
Following in the same style of decorative painting, Varsha struck out on her own. Her technique is as fascinating as her paintings. The basis of each Ajantaesque painting is a bold black line, flowing fluid and unbroken through the painting. Fusing realism with the miniature style, Varsha’s works are a cornucopia of colour and rich, gorgeous detail. Among her many successful experiments with the style is her latest innovation: adding the signature motifs that border nearly all Indian miniatures to a large canvas.
This is the right time and place to mention of countless awards and prizes She has been honored by.

Awards / Honours :
2014 : 27 All India Lokmany Tilak Art Exhivition, Pune
2006 : 11 All India Art Exhibition, South Central Culture Zone, Nagpur
2005 : All India Art Exhibition, Police Patil Art Foundation, Gulabarga, Karnaataka
2000 : 2nd Prize, State Level Painting and Sculpture Competition at Patan, Satara
1999 : 1st Prize, Annual Exhibition, Kala Mahavidhyalaya, Satara. .


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  1. This artist is exceptionally talented. I just loved her way of painting and her style too. Watching her paint is like being in heaven. Hats off the genius.

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