How to Sponge Paint a Wall | Paint Techniques

How to Sponge Paint a Wall | Paint Techniques

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Today we’re going to learn how to sponge paint walls. Even though we are saying paint, we are actually using a glaze, whether you’ve mixed it yourself or you bought it from a store.

After you’ve colored your glaze to whatever color you want on your walls, you take your sponge, which is a sea sponge. Always remember that this needs to be dampened before you dip it into the glaze, otherwise you’re going to not have a very good result on your walls.

Some of the sponging that I’ve seen when people are not familiar in how to do this technique is that they will actually just use it like this. You almost get a feeling like they are paw prints on the wall. In order to avoid this and to get a very, very smooth look on the walls, you have to keep smushing it around, but taking care that actually lift up your sponge after every time you touch the surface.

The whole idea of this technique is for it to be a very consistent and even finish. A lot of sponge painting is still done as a basis for marbling. It’s a very simple technique of sponge painting using your base color and your glaze color, which three colors that you have; a mid-tone, a low-tone and high-tone.

This is how we sponge paint a wall using glaze. It’s also one of the basic techniques that is used under marbleizing. .


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“How to Sponge Paint a Wall | Paint Techniques” hakkında 26 yorum:

  1. What's this "glaze" she's talking about?    @ 0:10 she states the following:
    "…even thought we're same paint, but we are actually using a glaze…"
    And then you're supposed to "color your glaze"??? Oy.

  2. I'm not good in wall painting.. to engage a painting contractor is costly, so this is one of the best solution I wud do.. thanks for the idea!

  3. I planing to draw a cherry blossom tree from hand. this made it easier cause I don't have to draw the leaves and blossom. thanks!

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